#Faceoftheweek - Ekperi Mercy Ebiere Mitchelle

 In an exclusive interview with Ekperi Mercy Ebiere Mitchelle, granted Bayo's blog as a face of the week. She revealed her background, way of life, career and achievements.

Read full interview below;

* May we get to meet you; who really is Ekperi Mercy Ebiere Mitchelle?
Hi.. My name is Ekperi Mercy Ebiere Mitchelle but my friends and family do call me Mimi. I'm from Delta state, Ijaw to be precise. 

* Can you please tell us about your background?
 I was born and bred in Lagos state. I'm the last of four children, two brothers and a sister. My dad is from Delta state and my mom is a native of Auchi Edo state, Nigeria.

* Briefly tell us about your educational background?
I had my primary and secondary school education in Lagos city, but I had my tertiary education at the Delta state University, Abraka, where I studied Botany. 

* What do you do for a living?
I am self-employed.

* What inspired you?
I'm mostly inspired by the good will of people around me. 

* What dream did you have while growing up?
I've always wanted to be a Gynecologist, because i have passion for medicine.

* Who is your mentor and why?
My mentor is and will always be BEN CARSON. The reason is, Ben Carson is a role model to me! He inspires and motivates me a lot. His ability to push through and overcome so many obstacles in life is one thing I'd always love about him. 

* What do you like doing in your spare time?
Watch movies or read novels.

* Who is your celebrity crush?
My celebrity crush is Maduka Emilio Okoye, the current super eagles goalkeeper. Lol!

* If you had to change your name, what would your new name be, and why would you choose that name.
I dont think I'd change my name for any reason.

* If you could know the absolute and total truth to one question, what question would you ask?
Is there an afterlife?  Reason is because I'm a curious cat. Lol!

* Where is the worst smelling place youve been?
I think a public toilet.

* What ridiculous thing has someone tricked you into doing or believing?

* Are you in a relationship?
Yes, I am in a relationship 

* Whats your choice guy?
I really like a guy with a great sense of humor. If you can make me laugh all the time, you're my type of guy. Someone who is also down to earth, generous, smart, tall, dark skinned and of course, God fearing.

 * Where do you hope to be in the next four years?
To be happy and comfortable. I want to set up realistic goals for myself and hope to achieve those goals.

* How would you access Nigeria economy of today?
Without any doubt, we all know Nigeria Economy is one of the largest in Africa, but its quite unfortunate that even a blind man can see that the Nigeria economy is in a state of total despair, with little or no basic amenities.

* What can be done to improve Nigeria sector and entertainment industry?
The Nigeria entertainment industry has so much potential, but needs to be developed. We Nigerians need to appreciate the contents given to us by this industry and also invest in the industry by creating more demands in supporting them. 

* If you had to advise young people what will you tell them?
 I'd advise the youths to always believe in themselves, focus on the present and worry less about the past.

To know about Mimi, kindly follow her on instagram @Mimi_luxree .

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