Being married for 30 years doesn't make you a marriage expert - Daddy Freeze says

Being married for 30 years doesn

Daddy Freeze has said that the length of a person's marriage doesn't make them experts on issues of marriage.


He made this statement shortly after he was tackled for disagreeing with Bishop Oyedepo  who said the only way to a successful marriage is for the wife to submit to the husband. Freeze pointed out that submission goes both ways and a woman cannot submit to an irresponsible man (read here).


Some people reacted by telling Freeze that Oyedepo has been married for decades whereas Freeze's first marriage ended in a divorce.


Freeze reacted by stating that "the fact that you have been married for 30 years doesn't necessarily make you an expert on marriage."


He added: "A prisoner in prison for 30 years is still not an expert on the penitentiary system."


He stated that being single or divorced also doesn't disqualify people from giving marital advice. 


He pointed out that Paul and Christ were never married but their marital advices are quoted by Christians all the time.


Read his post below.


Being married for 30 years doesn

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