The Cemetery With 10,000 Graves Prepared in Iran for Victims of Coronavirus

10,000 Graves Prepared in Iran

The Cemetery With 10,000 Graves Prepared in Iran for Victims of Coronavirus: Forceful images appear to show a giant cemetery with a section prepared for coronavirus victims in Iran, amid constant fears that the regime is minimizing the death toll. Up to 10,000 of the graves in the Behesht-e Zahra cemetery in Tehran were reported to have been assigned to Covid-19 victims.

Iran was accused of minimizing its death toll from coronavirus, with current official figures of 91,472 cases and 5,806 deaths.  Iranian opposition activists, citing local sources, fear the death toll is up to ten times higher than official figures.

The images show rows upon rows of empty graves at the cemetery, which is the largest in Iran, housing up to 1.7 million dead. However, many of the parcels in the cemetery are previously excavated, but a large number of them were prepared for coronavirus victims.
Tombs for the victims of the coronavirus were reportedly excavated two meters deep, and special isolated facilities for traditional body washing were established.
Some Iranian cities are reportedly assembling graves with lime and burying the deceased in layers with protective sheeting, but this is presumed not to be happening in Tehran.
The number of deaths from coronavirus could be up to 30,000 if the estimates of the opposition groups are correct.
A doctor told The Sun newspaper that the regime’s hospitals are full and that the facilities they have to combat the virus were “woefully inadequate.” The doctor said: “We have no masks, no protective shields, no hand sanitizers.
The coronavirus was first officially detected in Iran in late February, but the opposition group in exile, the National Resistance Council, says government documents prove the regime was aware of cases in January. Tehran made a public effort to curb the outbreak, ignoring the advice of health experts and not imposing quarantine until it was too late.

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