OAP Kaylah Oniwo reveals she's battling fibroids as she calls out follower who congratulated her on her "baby bump"

OAP Kaylah Oniwo reveals she
Cool FM OAP, Kaylah Oniwo took to Instagram to call out a follower who congratulated her after assuming her protruding tummy was a "baby bump".

Kaylah shared a photo of herself in a pool in Dubai and the follower commented: "I see baby bump... Congrats."

Kaylah did not appreciate the comment and she schooled the follower. She told her that it is wrong "to make comments about anybody's body when you have absolutely no clue about what is going on in there."

Kaylah added: "FYI, I have fibroid and it's not an easy journey, so next time you see something, please keep your comments to yourself."

OAP Kaylah Oniwo reveals she

The follower later apologized, adding that her words weren't meant to hurt but were aimed at sending positive vibes because she thought the OAP was expecting a child.

OAP Kaylah Oniwo reveals she

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