Head of Emergency in New York Committed Suicide Because She Could Not Bear to See So Many Deaths From the Coronavirus

The Head of the emergency in New York committed suicide because she could not bear to see so many deaths from the coronavirus.

The head of the emergency department of a hospital in New York has killed himself Sunday after spending many days at the forefront of the battle against coronavirus in one of the cities most hit by the pandemic and after confessing to his relatives could not bear to see so many people die.

This is Dr. Lorna Breen and she had been the emergency medical director of NewYork-Presbyterian Allen Hospital in Manhattan.
“She tried to do her job, and it killed her,” Dr. Philip Breen told The New York Times about his daughter, who followed in her footsteps in medicine.
The father said his daughter, 49, who died Sunday, had no history of mental illness. But he said the last time they spoke, his daughter told him that he was unbearable to see dying patients infected with the coronavirus, some even before they could get them out of the ambulance.
“She was really in the trenches on the front line,” Philip Breen told the Times. “Make sure she is praised as a heroine,” she added. “She is a victim as much as any other person who has died.”
Lorna Breen died in Charlottesville, Virginia, where she had stayed with her family for a few days, said the father, who recalled that his daughter had been infected with coronavirus while at work, but returned to work after approximately a week and a half of recovery. Still, the hospital sent her home again, and her family brought her to Virginia.
Two days before this doctor’s suicide, a city emergency paramedic, who also worked on the city’s battlefront against the virus, also killed himself.
In this case, it was the young John Mondello, 23, who last Friday used a weapon registered by his father, a retired police officer from the New York police, to commit suicide in Astoria, Queens, according to police sources reported to the New York Post.
He had graduated from the Fire Department’s Academy of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in early February, and then went directly to Station 18 at Claremont in the Bronx, which handles one of the highest volumes of 911 calls in the city.

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