Fashion queen, Trinny Woodall's partner Charles Saatchi accidentally walks into her livestream completely naked (photos)

Trinny Woodall's partner Charles Saatchi made an embarrassing appearance as the fashion expert recorded her livestream on Facebook during the Coronavirus lockdown on Wednesday night.

Fashion queen, Trinny Woodall
In the now-deleted clip, the British TV star and fashion/makeover expert was sharing beauty tips from the bathroom to her social media followers, when her partner and businessman Charles Saatchi, 76, accidentally walked into the background of the video completely naked. 

Trinny, who had a £400 LED mask Saatchi appeared not to notice the mishap and continued to broadcast her skincare routine. 

Fashion queen, Trinny Woodall

But viewers were quick to notice the mishaps. One commenter wrote: "I'm unsure if she knew he was in camera shot but after he walked past she put her hand up to hide that side of the bathroom.

"She had her mask on so I didn't see if she was embarrassed or not."

The This Morning star began dating businessman Charles Saatchi in 2013 following his divorce from Food writer, Nigella Lawson.

Fashion queen, Trinny Woodall

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